Community Paint Day Success!

July 11 was our first Community Paint Day on Commerce St. Behind Antique Alley in Downtown West Monroe. It was a huge success! We got out there early, set up a couple of tents, spread out our 50 colors alongside paint brushes and buckets of water, and just let volunteers come and paint. It was organized chaos, with everything numbered for specific colors. We had children of all ages, community groups, and families from all over our area.

This section of the wall features a large chunk filled with flowers, bees, butterflies, and other garden critters as well as a farm/agriculture scene, and woodlands full of an eclectic variety of deer drawings. Giving the kids paintbrushes and showing them tips for painting and letting them loose was so rewarding to watch. Everyone did such a great job!

Also, we were visited by a crazy armadillo.

We took a ton of pics, so feel free to flip through the gallery above. Special thanks to Macaroni Kid Monroe-West Monroe, for helping us to promote the Community Paint day and getting us such a great turn out!