Meet the One Mile of Love Team

Hey everyone! This is Emery reporting in to give you an update on our progress so far and a little insight into our day to day life working on the wall. This has just been an unbelievable summer! We have gotten so much done (we are about at the halfway mark!!!) and we have had such a great response from our community. I, for one, am so proud to be a part of this fantastic project and to work with some great folks.

We have been lucky enough to have a team of talented and enthusiastic artists  who have worked countless hours in the heat, and at night, to get this project where it is today. Let me introduce you to them!

This is Justin Ferguson. He is a great painter, very precise and organized. He also runs the night crew that does the projecting of the images onto the wall. Anytime we run into a snag, he knows just what to do to get us back on track from splicing and rewiring the projectors to wrangling extension cords. He is currently an art student at ULM and an integral part of the One Mile of Love team.

Lacy Mitchum is a fine artist painter and sculptor that recently graduated from ULM. She is part of the early bird shift and always has the best attitude (even at 6 am). Unfortunately, we are sad to say, she will be moving up to Memphis soon to pursue her masters degree. We will certainly miss her and her awesome skills!

Kayden Lirette is another ULM art student that we are excited to have on board. Always happy to do whatever is asked of him, he helps on the projecting crew and daily painting. Kayden is just the coolest. If you aren't friends with him already, you should be. Oh yeah, and of course he is a good painter too!

On the right, up there, you can catch a glimpse of the rare and elusive Jonathan, Justin's brother and the last member of our team. Jonathan is also (you guessed it!) good with a paint brush and a master of the over head projector. However, very little else is known... He is a quiet guy.


Above is Mr. Todd McGuffee. He and his team of painters have been invaluable when it comes to getting a base coat on this wall. If you haven't noticed, this wall is BIG, but it's nothing for them to paint a huge chunk in very little time. They are the experts!

And this is me, Emery Thibodeaux. Proudly sporting my LA Tech cap among a team of Warhawks. Go bulldogs!

Of course, I must also include Brooke, our fearless leader! She has really busted it to make all of this happen. She is awesome!

Sorry it's been a while since we've done a blog post, but we have several more locked and loaded so check back to see more awesome developments!