Who is ARROW?

ARROW is made up of 2 people...for now.  We are two cool chicks working to alter the way things are for ourselves and the awesome community around us. 

First off lets start with ONE person that I am sure I stumbled upon.  Sometimes we find just the right person at just the right time!  I am sure that I found an artist at the moment when I needed her most and I am very grateful that she loves my dream as much as I do.  EMERY THIBODEAUX is an awesome Designer, Artist, and my Right Hand Bad Ass!  We will be Dreaming up the big stuff!   We will be working hard; bringing AWESOME to Northeast Louisiana!    Keep checking back!

Below you can see just a glimpse of the Awesomeness that is EMERY. 

THEN there is ME!  Im Brooke Foy.  Im the mind behind all of this.  I want to bring some new beauty to our area.  I want to continue to teach our generations of young people to love, appreciate and to even be as crazy as I am about the ARTS.  I have a vision for our community.  In all things, I want to make my life ROCK and while Im doing that I have decided to try to help others see beauty in all things, to help our community know what it means to be united, and to remind those that might have forgotten that our life is what we make it.   So LEts make it Awesome. 

We are ARROW public art!  Emery and I are going to be working hard to be a positive example of all things community and artistic!