"Tall Tales" 2010-2015 Brooke Foy's First Commission

In 2008 I put a bid in for a large scale outdoor commission for a Library/Community Center in Cordova Tennessee.  A little bit shocked, I was chosen for the commission.  The city liked my idea the most and I was about to embark on a giant public work.  I was going to create a 1000 square foot maze of concrete books that would be called "Tall Tales".  I embarked on a new journey of concrete and tile mosaic work.  I got to work with engineers and contractors designing the area for my pieces.  I made 20 books that would stand and lay in all different directions to create a small version of a maze.  Children would be be able to run, hide, climb and lounge on them.  This piece was a lot of fun and one of the greatest slices of education I have ever had.  I learned so much as I tackled every layer of making such a large scale piece.  

This past week I got to go back to visit the piece.  My visit back was plagued with worry and anxiety.  I poured so much of myself into this piece that i am very attached to the way that it lives on.  About 2 years ago I was informed that the piece has been harmed and would need repair.  Urban Art called in 2 artists that came to the rescue and they did a GREAT JOB!  

Here are the pictures from the visit a week ago!  You also get to see a best bud from Memphis and her sweet beauty CLOVER! 

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Hope you enjoy this piece!  More works to come in the near future!